Roval Control 29


When you think of lightweight XC wheels, aluminium probably doesn’t come immediately to mind. In reality, though, high-grade alloy wheels have all of the tremendous performance properties found in carbon wheels, like light overall weight, durability, and resilience to impact. When made with the right hands, they’re perfect for competitive racers and everyday trail riders alike. The problem is that, while many carbon wheels can check these boxes with ease, most alloy wheels don’t live up to these expectations. In the case of the Control 29 wheels, however, there’s finally an aluminium wheel that is truly race-ready. What sets the Control 29 wheels apart is that they share many of the same advanced technologies as our carbon version, the Control SL. They adopt the same rim shape with a 21-millimeter inner width, extensive on-trail testing, and Zero Bead Hook technology, making them one of the only hook-less aluminium rims out there. Our Zero Bead Hook rim takes away the dated mountain wheel design known as a bead hook. This hook is the part of the rim that crests at the top, sitting several millimeters inward from the rim’s sidewall, and it catches the tyre’s bead under its hook. We know that this may not sound too bad, but the hook establishes 1` weak spot in the rim that’s easily crushed or bent. Without a hook, a rim can be manufactured to much tighter tolerances and can be made lighter due to the hook not needing to be reinforced. For these wheels, this means that we’re able to equal the strength of carbon, while also making them lighter than many carbon wheels. More importantly, a Zero Bead Hook all but gets rid of the aforementioned weak spot in the rim that’s plagued riders with flat spots and dents for decades. If you happen to be one of those riders that enjoys riding your four-inch travel XC bike like it’s a six-inch trail bike, you’re in luck. Our objective of low weight and reliability at an accessible price also carries into the Control 29 build. We hand-build each rim to our alloy hubs, which feature DT Swiss internals at the rear, via perfectly tensioned DT Swiss Revolution spokes and Pro Lock nipples. We fully support the art of hand-building and do so with our wheels, knowing that real people can catch things that a machine simply can’t. If you’re in need of a set of wheels that’s as light as most carbon wheels, are extremely reliable, and don’t cost and arm and a leg, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Rim Material: E5 high-strength alloy
  • Rim Width: 21mm internal
  • Front Spoke Pattern: Radial/Three-cross (1:1)
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: Three-cross (1:1)
  • Spoke Count: 32-hole Front and Rear
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Revolution
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: Alloy body, 15mm thru-axle, and QR end cap options included.
  • Rear Hub: CNC-machined alloy body, high-quality DT Swiss 360 internals, 135/142 end cap options included, compatible with SRAM XX1
  • Compatible with SRAM XX1 11-speed—freehub sold separately.
  • Bearing Type: Sealed cartridge
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • Every wheel includes tubeless valve stems in order to make tubeless set-up a touch easier.
  • Total Wheelset Weight: 1,550g
  • 21mm internal width, alloy rim.